Press conference "Do the social and economic rights of Ukrainians need to be protected?"
The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU) held a press conference "Do the social and economic rights of Ukrainians need to be protected?". This media event was dedicated to the Human Rights Day and was organized with the support of the ITUC-PERC.   подробнее
94 miners are on trial for an underground protest (UPDATED)
94 miners from uranium mine "Ingulska" (Kirovohrad region), who were fighting for salary raise,  got a sued by administration of enterprise. In this way, the administration of the company reacted to the protest action that was recently held in the mine, when miners decided to stay... подробнее
Independent trade union of the PJSC "Evraz Sukha Balka" is facing pressure in the fight for labor rights
Serhii Barabashuk, Head of the primary trade union organization at the PJSC "EvrazSukha Balka" (part of NPGU, the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine) reports pressure on union members and violations of labor rights at the enterprise.  In particular, private security service of... подробнее
ITUC appealed to President of Ukraine
The International Confederation of Trade Unions (ICC) reacted to the appeal of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine regarding the Draft Labor Code (Draft Law No. 1658) and addressed a letter to the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. A copy of the document was sent to Prime... подробнее
Miners of mine ‘Rodynska’ are ready to start a hunger strike underground if  wage arrears aren't be paid
As it was informed earlier, on October 30, after 8 p.m., the miners of the second shift in the mine "Rodinska" of the State Enterprise "Myrnogradvugillya" (Donetsk region) decided to stay underground after work. They demanded salary payment.  Then miners of the third and fourth shifts joined... подробнее
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